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Spend Less on Energy and Water

Get paid to upgrade your equipment

We Make Energy Efficiency Happen

An EASY way to grow more green


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Rebates are payments you receive after you've upgraded to specified (deemed) energy-saving equipment and upgrades. 

Rebates for deemed projects range based on the number and size of qualifying projects.


Hands holding money

Incentives are payments you receive after you've upgraded, retrofitted, or installed approved new equipment. 

Incentives are calculated based on actual savings demonstrated by post-installation verification.

Training Resources

Gain a deeper understanding of your facilities subsystems, how they consume energy, and how you can get paid to reduce your usage. 

Attend our Harvesting Energy Savings Training Series to learn from our expert engineers in-person or view our online training videos without impacting your busy schedule. 

Enrolling is EASY

Apply online for AgEASY and our team at Cascade Energy will conduct engineering assessments to identify your opportunities for rebates and incentives. 

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