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Farmers are busy people. Sometimes it's hard to know whether there are practical opportunities that can make your operation more efficient. The AgEASY program is designed to help you identify efficiency opportunities and quantify savings, costs, and available incentives. If you decide to implement an energy-saving improvements, we offer technical and administrative support, rebates, incentives and on-bill financing. 

Crop, Livestock, and Aquaculture Farms & Operations
  • 111 Crop Production

  • 112 Livestock and Aquaculture Production

Businesses supporting crop and livestock production or forestry
  • 1151 Support Activities for Crop Production

  • 1152 Support Activities for Animal Production

  • 1153 Support Activities for Forestry

Water Transport, Warehouses, Cold Storage, and Wholesalers
  • 2213 Water, Sewage, and Other Systems

  • 424 Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods

  • 4931 Warehousing and Storage

Wineries and Breweries
  • 31213 Wineries

  • 31212 Breweries

Industries listed above must be within San Diego Gas & Electric's   territory and pay into the Public Purpose Program (PPP) charge in order to participate.

Who is Eligible?

Construction Staff

Making energy efficiency happen in smart, measurable, and sustained ways

For over two decades at Cascade Energy, we've focused on providing comprehensive energy management services for the industrial, agricultural, water and wastewater, and commercial sectors, across a wide array of systems, processes, and equipment types.

About Us

Our AgEASY implementation team is able to help you grow more green by reducing your energy and water use and earning rebates and incentives for installing energy efficiency equipment and improving your businesses operations.

Nick Losee
Program Lead
Meet the Team
Assaf Weinberg
Meet the Team
Paul Wilson
Program Manager
Kayleigh Ross
Program Specialist

Our Team

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